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How to do your Personal Branding?

Every Brand has personalities living in it and every person is a brand too. Personal Branding is all about finding what matters to us and what we should work on for. Here are my tips for people who are new to Personal Branding and wondering where to start and how to go about it.

Apple Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs is the best example of Personal Branding

Every Brand has Identity, USP, Brand Value, Brand Mission and Vision, Brand Voice and Messaging, Target audience, etc.,

"A Brand is not what you it is. A Brand is what they say it is"

- Marty Neumeier

Beginning with Personal Branding

Personal Branding is all about finding all of the above in us.

1. Our Name and Title - Our first Identity

2. USP - Our character and our skills, here we got to improve the skills are good at and work on our bad habits that would affect our nature.

3. Brand Value - Our Ideology that includes our beliefs and principles.

4. Brand Mission and Brand Vision - Mission is more about actions and habits, Vision is Long term goal. As they say, Successful people are those who with successful Habits. Our mission is to do tasks that would lead us to our goal.

5. Brand Voice and Messaging - What we speak or how we convey our idea or thoughts to our tribe or customers

6. Target Audience - Our tribe or potential customers. This is very important especially for Solopreneurs, Consultants, Freelancers, Independent Artists,etc., We cannot expect everyone to like us. Some stay with us, some become our best friends and some become our acquaintance. In this case, We got to find who our ideal customers are. Ideal meaning most suited and perfect customers, who would come to us again and again as a retainer or as a regular customer.

Successful Brands are those, that have their ideal friends(customers) who would stick to them no matter how good or bad they are. Their Friends(Customers) would still defend them and become their advocates. The goal is to get ideal customers and make them feel great about themselves by providing them better user or customer experience.

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